This is Me

A soulful track off of the “Welcome 2 Tha Rayne EP”



A still image from the video shoot for confessions with Micho Solo. Confessions is produced by Maserati Sparks. GO check out https://soundcloud.com/cali4niamusic/things-they-say

Rayne Man #SoulSurgery

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Rayne Man

Recording for Soul Surgery get ready for this. Have some classic records for you!




Behind the scenes


Rayne is a musician, engineer, songwriter, and model from the Bay Area, California. He works not for himself but for all humankind. He has been featured in Gq magazine, World Star Hip Hop, advertisements for Puma, Nike, Addidas, Beats By Dre, Marshalls, Coca-Cola, Kohl’s, and has been quoted in the la Times as well as many more things. He has done live performances with legendary acts Warren G, Digital Underground, and Bone Thugz and Harmony. As well as new school acts such as Yg, Asher Roth, Mac Miller, and Ya Boy. His vision in music extends beyond his sounds but with the healing that music can bring. Rayne has partnered with a non-profit charity in South Africa called Bambini Dream  who can be contacted via http://bambinidream.com/ to make his vision a reality. Come Christmas Time Rayne will be broadcasting live to 13 kids between the ages of 7-10 from South Africa who live in a slum with no proper housing, some with no families and most with very little or no food. This charity takes them out of their environment and exposes them to positive stimuli, feeds them, inspires them to dream and is currently gathering funds for a facility in which they can help these children and more with music and art therapy. Rayne will be letting them know that even if they have no money, no family, or no home they do have hope and people that are there for them. If you have an inspiring story and would like to share it with them. Let us know and we will give you more details on how you can bless these wonderful kids with your time and love. Again The charity website is http://bambinidream.com/ and the feed will be live from http://www.ustream.tv/user/Cali4niaMusic You can follow both my page and the charities page for updated information and important dates. We look forward to hearing from you. Spread love and light. Be Blessed